Conference Report: STC Pune Regional Conference 2014

Society of Technical Communicators (STC) had organized a Regional Conference in Pune on Saturday, 28th June, 2014. I presented at the conference and thought of sharing some insights:

1. Keynote: Other side of the coin:
The Keynote Speaker was Mr. Ajit Bhat, a Software Developer with 15 years of experience. He talked about how technical writers can make developers’ life easier:
– Take up the writing tasks that they need to perform and are not comfortable with, like proposal writing and design docs. And prepare docs that enable knowledge sharing across teams.
– Train them in writing well and improve their communication and soft skills.
– Get a handle on the technology that we work on so that the developers don’t have to spend time in bringing us up-to-speed with what is being implemented in the sprint. Basically, be technically sound and do your homework.
– Incorporate the docs and knowledge base that the Support folks prepare in the user docs.

2. The Fox and the crane:
This was a session about designing user experience through our documents. The Speaker basically talked about making the transition from being a technical writer to contributing to the User Experience efforts in our organizations. He also talked about how we can implement the UX principles in our user docs (or even internal docs) to ensure an effortless User Experience for our readers.

3. Documenting solutions:
In this session, the Speaker talked about documenting end-to-end solutions instead of feature-based documentation. I wish he had talked about exactly what to document and how, but the session gave me a lot of thinking points.

4. My session: Developer docs
My session was about making the transition from user docs to dev docs, the need and scope, the types of dev docs, and the process. The response totally exceeded my expectations and session turned out to be very interactive. It was fun!

Here’s the slide deck for my presentation:

Any feedback and review comments are most welcome :)


Why I am here, what’s this about

Hey there! I am Amruta Ranade, a Technical Communicator in Pune, India. In a past life, I was an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer.. but realized that I love explaining technology more than creating it. So here I am, creating content for developers and users, working with start-ups and MNCs, writing for the web, wikis, and mobile apps, creating videos and infographics.. and much more to come.. This blog is not a preachy, Let-Me-Tell-You-How-To-Do-This kinda blog. This is my space in the online world to explore and share the things I learn in my journey as a Technical Communicator. Join me for the ride :)